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What is it?

A .NET library providing support for advanced caching scenarios.
Currently supports memcached (using slightly modified Memcached Providers library), NCache Express, Redis (by ServiceStack) and in-proc providers. Other can be easily added.

What is it for?

It's meant to aid in development of complex applications requring synchronization, transactional behaviours and pooling for cache storage.
Library is designed to be storage-agnostic and provides abstraction layers for underlying cache storage.

Is it ready to use?

Yes. Most of the code is covered by explicit unit test scenarios and tested for performance.

What features does it have?
  • Generic cache interfaces to support multiple store providers
  • Synchronized cache access, both in-proc and system-wide
  • Transaction support (kind of) supporting standard TransactionScope
  • Cache store pooling
  • In-proc provider (i.e. for mocking)
  • Examples
  • Unit Tests

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